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Originally Posted by BanjoBoy View Post
I'm sure that new Multi iz a fine bike, butt the FJR rocks my world, not just by performance, butt by insanely low maintenance, and the reliability of an anvil.
With iridium plugs, ya only need ta change 'em, check the valves, 'n do a TB synch every 30,000 miles!
Like a good woman, it's all 'bout the total package! 'N see'in I ride most every day, this is important ta me.
I agree with this. The FJR is for the person who wants a very good, reliable bike at a reasonable price. Not necessarily the latest technology or the best bike, but good enough.

The European bikes are for those who want the better performance and are willing to accept both teething pains that new high tech brings and the cost best in class requires.

Both are fine. Pick yer poison.
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