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The article said to watch any commercial on TV and observe the man's role. He is either screwing something up, getting talked down to, etc.
I'm going to say thats right on the spot. Just take a look at moden movies, especially youth movies or Tv series. Guys are complete morons and girls have to constantly bail them out of trouble.

Ever seen the series Chuck, where this guy is drafted to be a secret agent because of his intellectual skill, but he couldnt tie his shoelaces without help, so the hot woman agent has to always save his ass. Atleast thats how it goes in the first season.

Gender roles are completely screwed up, sometimes I think I was born 100 years too late. I still shave with a straight-razor, I build my stuff on my own and planning to build my own house. I work on my bikes and cars. I like guns...
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