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Originally Posted by JOKER650 View Post
The worst fucking group of riders I have ever had the misfortune to ride with.

My sisters started to ride a few years back and were "well trained" buy these fuckers......the FAT peice of shit in particular.(who just had to have his shit sounding stereo on his hardley cranked in the hotel parking lot)
I rode with my sisters a cpl times (they lived about 6 hours away) and was SHOCKED how close they rode to me in town , on the hi-way, in heavy or light traffic they stayed withing 5 feet of me. They were both very tense in their riding position and looked very uncomfortable....and worried. When we stoped I told them they were wayyy too close. "But George says we need to stay really close as not to get seperated or cars between us"
I rode with guys like this exactly twice. Three of them have crashed in the last year. One had to be airlifted to the hospital. One a single rider accident, one was two of the idiots ran into each other. sheesh.
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