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The first part of your post seems to describe a person that would set such a repugnant ultimatum, not the person that refuses to submit to it. In an instance like this it would be the ultimatum maker that is guilty of vow breakage. It is their choice to either persue or end the relationship. I would happily let them go if they want to be so controlling and petty.
I disagree. My vows stated simply that I would cling to her for life....motorcycle or not. As a teacher I find that too many of my students do not have the same last name as the people with whom they reside. I wonder how often that is due to ultimatums that were laid out by either partner. The greatest attribute that a couple can share is the willingness to compromise. Without that not much else will help. Why would you marry some one who would issue an ultimatum? I have never even considered telling my wife how to be or what to do...and neither has she toward me. Further, relationships seldom truly end....they leave crap in your head when they leave. I find it disheartening that so many people have been so heart broken. Hope it doesn't happen to you.
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