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I got up early this morning , determined to make up for the crappy day yesterday by making to my friends, Karen and Roland's place in Hagerstown MD, drink some beers with them, and chill out.

I blasted out of Fishkill, NY early, in clear blue skies. The GPS at first seemed to understand that I want to stay off of Interstates, It led me south along the Hudson and I thought this is great, I mean there is so much history on the banks of the Hudson! Along the river there was thick fog, Nice! Then the GPS, which could have plunked me on the I-*$ right at the Hotel decides it will wait until it takes me on a loop encompassing 5 or 6 miles of and out of the way loop and a taste of river valley before it says take I-84. Without a plan, I follow,

Not much traffic on the I-84 early Saturday morning and all goes well. I ride into a headwind, I have a big truck follow me at a distance and just pace me at about 60 mph. He stays back about 1000 feet. When that happens I figure the driver is a biker who's thinking what's taht moron doing on the I-84 on a loaded down KLR 650 and he has decided to "protect" you by following you. All goes well until as I descend into one of the many valleys and it gets pretty cold, I crank the heated grip up to 3 and the bike dies! FUCK. That's the problem, the grips, no wonder, I installed them myself!

Turns out, I was out of gas. I mean co-incidence or what. Funny how you get to know a bike after riding it a LOT but as I was coasting down the hill on the shoulder and watched my Big Truck "protector" blast by I remembered the last time I filled up, the attendant pumped the gas and never really "filled" it the way I do and I had bought regular, with the idea the bike is going to have to get used to regular on this trip. That's it! I'm out of gas, never even stopped, flicked over to reserve, instant power....YAY! It's not the grips after all, Hahaha. Bought gas strategically at the first gas station in PA. It's cheaper there. I even remembered to throw the reserve lever back into the main tank position for "next time"
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