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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
The "upright" riding position is what I like about cruisers. Your entire weight is supported by the seat. Unlike a sportbike, you are not all hunched over, with your knees bent double, your neck stretched as far as it will go so you can see where you are going, and most of your upper body weight supported by your arms and shoulders.

Somehow a Buick just doesn't sound like fun....

Sounds like you were doing it completely horribly wrong, there should never be weight on your arms and shoulders and your neck should be inline with the rest of your spine for the most part, on a sport bike your legs are what carry your weight, nothing else.

As for dualsport bikes they are just like anything else, suck horribly untill you make them fit you and luckily seats are cheap, as are bars.

I've owned a royal star venture which was about the couchiest road couch I've ever had the displeasure of sitting on, put about two hundred miles on it before I could take it no longer, my back was killing me, even worse with my uncles soft tail, the sport touring bikes like the FJR and ST1300 are what I would take for distance as they have midset controls to relieve all that pressure from my spine.

Heck I'd probably take my old sportbike over anything else though, I could go well over ten hours on my Sv with it's rearsets and low clip-ons with not a single ache or pain.

Even my XR650l gives me weird pains in my hips for some reason.

Basically what I guess I'm saying, cruisers may work best for you, but to some of us they just suck for comfort.
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