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Beyond Pottsville

I called my buddy Roland, from Potsville to give him a progress report and an ETA for his place in Hagerstown. Probably the problem, should have "knocked wood" somewhere.

I rode steady all day long the ride from Fiskill NY to Hagerstown, MD is a long one, if you refuse to use the Interstates. Anyway as I approached State College, Pa, which sadly has been in the news so much lately for terrible reasons, I figured I had it made. I was going to make it just by dark. Yay! I was ready for a few beers with my friends.

It had been surprisingly cool all afternoon 52 to 54 according to the bank clocks I had passed. I'm not complaining, No Sniveling here, but I would have thought this far south it would have been warmer in October. I saw a few Amish Carriages on the road. Pretty cool! I tried to get a picture with my Go-Pro but I think the battery is dead. I take 2 hours movies with it, I don't know I'm taking sometimes so that it won't be ready to take and impromptu shot of a Amish Buggy.

Man, after about ten hours in the saddle in the cool in clothes still damp from yesterdays' deluge I could see a front about to pass and spied some virga, then wet pavement and then the bike statrted to sputter, cough, fart and almost die. Fuck. So close and yet so far> I was 3 miles from State College, I stuggled to keep the bike running. I aske dthe GPS for the nearest motel, It responded by leading me down the nearest dead end...BASTARD. I found the hotel from clues I am learning to take from my GPS.....No room at the Inn....FULL. I told the lady at the desk about my bike problem and asked if she knew of a place nearby. She did, gave me directions, I found the place, on a bike stumbling in the wet and that's it not even really rain, just wet pavement. The bike died in the motel parking lot. I started it again after a few minutes and that's it.I got the last room at that Inn, LUCKY.... I'm in State College hoping for dryer times tomorrow.

Karen and Roland are searching out a Kawasaki dealership for me in Hagerstown

I mean how many times do you break down after an awesome ride, find a hotel, co existant with a beer store, who knows a good pizza shop nearby....I'm living the life... It's all good!

Day 4 was a good one....Tomorrow is another day.....stay tuned!

Time for another "Yard's Brawler"....Good beer!...Good night!


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