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For the guys saying "Try a Victory", I have to agree. Got off a Goldwing and although not as optioned out, (Cross Country Tour), I have to say the ride, room, and storage is much better. How long will it go? Dunno, time will tell. The WIng was bullet proof, and a hoot to ride. The CCT is a great ride after some adjustment.It is lacking a little in giddyup, but no slouch.
Big question. What are YOU looking for? Nostalgia? The Group thing? The mystique? Then Harley is for you. Comfort, rideability, and storage can be had with HD also. But it has to be for you.
Ride all you can swing a leg over. Harleys will spin up in their time frame and get on down the road. Some equate that to "performance". Victory will do the same, with a little faster pace, Goldwing will pull out of the hole and leave some folks really wide eyed. How much do you want to shift and how fast do you think you need to get there, and how much do you want to spend on engine upgrades? All are certainly capable of getting you point A to B in stock configuration.
If you want Sport tour performance none of these are for you. The BMW 1600 or the new Tiger Tour may be more to your liking.
Bottom line, figure out where you want to go and read all the reviews of reliability. Some think a $300 bill for service and only a few breakdowns a year aren't a problem. Some like to wrench their own and can save a lot as well as get to know your ride.
Leave your options open, it is your money, time and ride, so what ever you decide you have to ride it and hopefully love it.
Happy Hunting
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