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If you find yourself in the neck of my wood (Eastern NC) and need a place to stay, you are welcome to stay over. I am deaf but you can reach me by leaving a message at my videophone or text/email me and I will get both messages at my Blackberry. Text/Email is much quicker because I can get it anywhere I am at while I would need to be at home to open my "SignMail" on my videophone. PM me if you think you might be going my way and could use a place to stay then I can give you my contact info or just leave a message on PM and I will read it on my Blackberry (via email).

If you like sub, I will treat you to this good Pizza and Sub joint..

Access to WiFi and within good driving distance to Kawasaki dealers (20 to 1 and 40 to other one) and John Stanford might be able to help with any potential mechanic problem. He is certificated Kawasaki/Yamaha/Honda mechanic and do motorcycle works in his shop, and find his price to be very reasonable! He taught me how to change front/rear tire, sprocket and chain, and front sprocket all for measly $20 using his shop and his tools. His parents run a country store near my campground so good to help local community.

Anyway, do keep me in mind and I am also monitoring your thread to gather info on Central/South America because I plan on going down there within 2-3 years from now.
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