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Originally Posted by Twilight Error View Post
Yeah, because the 250 miles of slab I've got to cover before getting to the fun dirt is an absolute blast on a TW

Leave the dirt bike in street drag in the garage if you're going to travel anywhere, it really isn't made for that.
You have to be realistic and compromise abit.....nobodies going to ride a TW 250 miles....c'mon man
But you can ride any of the mid-size dual-sports that distance easy with a few comfort mods, and still not kill yourself when you get to the dirt. Its all about common sense and compromise

Originally Posted by TuonoBiker View Post
Awesome read and story - its been interesting to read the various responses. What I find really interesting is the number of naysayers to the GS/A.

I'm very new to the Adventure bike category, but bought it to enjoy travel over interstate, country two-lane and the fire tower roads/ forest roads which are decent to get through...It's just a great do-it-all machine. We all know that. In the hands of somebody who is very competent on the dirt, its more than capable to do some real touring of back woods roads. I've watched plenty of youtube clips of people doing things on a GS and GSA that boggle my mind. They are obviously far more talented than I am and more than I probably ever will be.

All that being said, the majority of the naysayers recommend buying a smaller, lighter bike. So my question comes down to this: Why stop there? What is the point of say a KLR size machine or even BMW F650 size bike....why not just get a dirt bike and trailer it to the trailhead and then go trail riding on a REAL dirt bike.

Aren't the naysayer's missing the point of the GSA? Some of us need to travel 6 hours in one direction just to get to a part of the state that has miles of fireroads. Sometimes we just want to ride our GSA up to the bike shop that's an hour away....because we don't feel like taking the Harley. Sometimes we like to take the wife on the back for a weekend trip on the two-lane blacktop to see the scenery and just enjoy riding a motorcyle. Are we not allowed to do all of these things? Am I just a poser on those trips? Guess I'm confused....or the Sam Adams is talking louder than it should be...

Like I said above, its all about compromise and common sense. I think If a person uses the big bikes for their intended purpose, they are great all-rounders. If you want to take them places that a 600+lb street bike should obviously never go, I think it would be wiser to have a mid-size dual-sport for the serious dirt, and the GSA for the street/dirt road duties. One bike can only do so much as an all-rounder....
"Don't get so concerned with the slab that you choose a turd for the dirt"- The Gospel as spoken by itrack
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