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Well, I went and test rode one today, and my local dealer has a smokin' deal on a 2012 (yeah, I know they just bumped the power- no biggie to me), and I really enjoyed myself! After initially thinking I wanted another big adventure bike, I realized I still love my Elefants too much and don't need another ADV bike. I just want a practical and reliable commuter that my wife won't be intimidated by. The Guzzi fit the bill. I dragged my wife over to see it and she sat on it and got to grinning. Sat the kids on it and took photos. It feels like I'm riding a bicycle on the freeway! Handles ok, but fun anyway. great mileage and low maintenance! Build quality next to the scrambler is no contest.

Gonna pick it up tomorrow. V7 Classic in black.

Well done! The new V7 is improved, but it's still fundamentally the same bike. The additional power of the new engine probably won't matter to most people, given how this bike is meant to be ridden. For all practical purposes, the Classic is just as enjoyable and useful. The lighter wheels of the new model is something I might add to my Classic at some point. Test riding the Stone, I definitely noticed it turning in more easily. Again, not a big deal, the Classic is agile enough.
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