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I test rode a BV500 and was quite impressed... it has much more torque than the Burg 400. I liked the more upright seating position and IIRC it had "quicker" handling than the B400. Great scoot. And the Silver Wing 600 is another great scooter. Again, a more upright seating position--- and once more a stronger bottom end than the B400. Yet another tempting product.

Your so correct--- and it is a good thing--- the many choices that we have as consumers. I'd love to test ride the new Aprilia SRV850 as well as taking a trot on a Mana. I know I could find space in my garage for a GTV300 and I'm intrigued by the new BV350. I did sit on a PCX-150 the other day---- and have read many positive posts about this bike---- and for the price it seems like a good deal--- great fuel mileage and decent top end speed wise. Only thing is that when I sat on it--- it just felt "plastic-ly" and cramped in the cockpit compared to my Burgman 400.

Pardon my ramblings...
To be fair the PCX 150 is a mid-size scooter while the Burgman is a maxi.

Kind of like comparing a BMW 3 series to an S-Class in terms of size. :P
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