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Originally Posted by doc moses View Post
first, it is really short after riding a 990. Second, for such a petite-looking bike, the slow speed handling is truly ponderous, but once it gets above parking lot speed, it rides like its on rails. Third, that straight-line stability makes it hard to turn in, but commit to the corner, roll it on, and it completes the turn nicely. Fourth, it reacquainted me with false neutrals.

The brakes suck also, and tire selection is limited to bias tires which slip and slide. The K75s can't keep up with modern 600 sport bikes and the 1000s put out a measly 90-100 HP on their very best days. So I would advise everyone to avoid these old German bikes altogether, especially if a lower mileage k1100RS come up for sale.

Seriously, if the K-bike is full of neutrals there are issues with that specific trans. The rest is just part of the fun of riding a bike made over 20 years ago. I can't used to the lack of suspension when I switch from a modern bike to one of my K's- they turn expansion joints into whoops!
Might as well sell off your K bikes bro- you come off like a hater. At least you pointed out they're 20 years old (at least). I never disliked my 88 K100RS, which is more "advanced" than my 93 airhead RS. They is what they is.
Coming out of 70s BritBikes, the K100 is AMAZING. Speaking strictly for me & my personal M/C experiences.

Doc's take on the slow speed handling is spot on, and yeah maybe you have to muscle them into the corners a bit but what the fuck. Nobody ever said the older BMWs are the best handling bikes ever made. Their reliability is undeniable tho, and if you gotta have some 80s vintage iron, nothin' wrong with an older K. I personally love 'em. There's an older couple on the BMWMOA site that's ridden hundreds of thousands of miles on theirs. So not everyone hates the original Flying Brick.
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