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Originally Posted by kellymac530 View Post

Just a quick clarification question.
If I click on the Google map link that shows all of the spots available, have those actually been updated and verified?
To use one of those spots do I PM the member and verify that it is ok, or how do I use them?
kellymac: Here is the link that explains how the Google map links work:

There is a date on each Tent Space listing, and that is the date that the Tent Space was updated or verified.

When you click on the inmate's Tent Space listing, you will get the Inmate's Tent Space posting. If you click on the inmate's name, you will be able to send a PM to that person; some people have an email option as well. You might want to use both the PM and email to contact the person.

Either way, PM and/or email, you want to contact the person at least a few days (if possible) before you think you'll need the Tent Space -- to check if it is available and if the inmate will be around.

I hope this explanation makes sense to you! If not, PM me, or you could contact Jamie Z for perhaps a better explanation!
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