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Originally Posted by sion View Post
oh man, the synchronicity of this one is just see, I just started reading Ghost Rider by Neal Peart...and I just today read the part where he mentions seeing these

Inuksuk :

sculptures as he rode across Canada and into Alaska...I'm pretty sure thats what you saw.

oh, and holy shit that Shatner clip is hysterical

Thanks for the info, sion!
That’s really cool. It makes sense we saw those in BC.

I really like those, will have to do more research on inuksuk...

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Yup, Goldwing.

I just ordered one of those Rally fronts to try on the BMW.

Nice resort.
Oh, let me know how you like that rally front!
matt sometimes uses the rally PRO front on his XRR...
(the PRO knobs melt away with a big bike)

Had to work late yesterday, sorry to make you guys wait...
ADV is dead, though! Not much activity at all, huh?

Day 44: 8/4/12
Lake Chelan to Wenatchee Forest (wilson creek) 134 miles.

For some reason, we got a really late start today.
I have no idea why. Neither does Matt.
Unmotivated, maybe?
Anyway, looks like we didn’t get rolling until 10:30.

Today we covered Section 4 and most of Section 3.
Blurry map for day 44
(I was too lazy to break out the photoshop, but we started around the top of the map, near lake chelan,
and ended near the bottom of the map. at the edge of the forest)

Phone code thingy Section 4 video.

Leaving the campsite around 10:30...

When we watched the WABDR dvd at Questor’s, the only thing I remembered was “The Jungle”
That poor FJ! Scratched to hell...

Didn’t take many photos, but...
I have a short (2 minute) video of the Jungle for you:

How’d you like that near miss at the end?
Good thing we were both on the wrong side of the road in that one.
Every time someone tries to kill us, they’re on a KTM.
(whether it’s on the trail or with some GPS tracks )

Nice roads, nice riding.

Another blurry photo, hit with the painting stick.

Pretty view of Lake Chelan.

There were lots of scenic views today.

While we were on these switchbacks, we stopped to have a waterbreak.
It was another hot day and there aren’t many trees or shady spots.
We hadn’t seen any traffic, so we stopped in some shade, even though we blocked the road slightly.

So, of course right after we got comfy, we could hear a car coming.
We weren’t the only ones who were surprised - all of a sudden we heard something crashing through the brush.
It looked like a polar bear or a white gorilla was running down the mountain!

Unfortunately, we had to move the bike for the oncoming pickup, so I didn’t get to take any photos til it was really far away...
We're looking at the pink circle...

Bigfoot type photo... <---(you don't have to watch the whole thing, it gets pretty out there...)
but, here it is zoomed in. Mountain goat, I assume.
Huge one.

The turnoff for Ardenvoir must have been around here somewhere.
We totally missed it.

We saw this stream and decided to pump some water.

Tire pics, just because.


rally front - almost 3000 miles on it.

I'll leave you here while I make breakfast...

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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