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After my first dirt ride I decided I should try some more aggressive tires. I had liked the D.O.T approved Dunlop D606 tires when I used them on my old XR650R, so put in an order for a 130/90-17 and 90/90-21 set.

Heres how they compare to the partially used TKC-80s I took off.

The fronts.

The rears.

I had met a guy once who was using IRC GP-110 tires on his R100GS, and he said that even though they were tube-type tires he was not using tubes with his tubeless GS rims, and that he often used tube-type tires without tubes and never had problems, so decided to try it with my D606s. Here's a photo of the IRC tires he was using.

The D606s were stiffer than the TKC-80s, so were a little harder to mount. The hardest part was getting the bead to seal with the stiff front tire, but with some effort I could get them both filled and balanced. This is the info printed on the tires:

                 TKC-80 D606
front tread      2 ply  3 ply
front sidewall   2 ply  3 ply
rear tread       4 ply  3 ply
rear sidewall    2 ply  3 ply
And how they look in use. An aggressive looking tire for being D.O.T. approved for street use. I found 14 psi (.965 bar) rear and 16 psi (1.10 bar) front seems to work well off-road.

After some use I got a puncture in the rear. I had been carrying some Slime tire plugs, a plug tool, and a small tire pump with me just in case.

Here's the plug after about 100 off-road miles. The Slime plugs worked well and can recommend them. I primed the puncture hole with rubber cement before inserting the plug.

I now have about 700 miles on the tires, most off-road, and the tube-type tires mounted without tubes on tube-less rims seem to be working OK.

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