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Day 44: 8/4/12 continued
Lake Chelan to Wenatchee Forest (wilson creek) 134 miles.

Hereís where we figured out we missed Ardenvoir...

Reminiscent of BC, only not steep or rocky...

Just pretty.

We went up to a lookout and followed the path instead of the main road.
These roads were a little too wide and easy.
Where are the avalanches?

Oh, was this Chumstick Mountain?
Itís somewhere around here (in the next pics...?)

I had some video, but it was pretty boring.
Just took a few screen shots.

Thatís Cashmere, across the highway.

Welcome to Cashmere!


A bike/tire shop would have been great. No luck.

Home of the Bulldogs.

We must have gotten fuel, though I donít have any recollection.
Or pics.
Have a photo of this cute house, though...

This road had some sand with hard ruts underneath.

Radek had said we would like Devilís Gulch.
But, then he remembered weíd be fully loaded with all our gear.
Forget it then.
He said itís great with no luggage, though.

We rode past the Devil's Gulch parking lot...
Ah, too many bicycles.
We didn't have a discovery pass, either.
Kept forgetting to look for one, but we figured we'd get one in Wenatchee.

Hereís the washed out road.
Our WABDR GPS tracks sent us right in.
Okey dokey.

We didnít know what to expect, so Matt didnít have the GoPro on.

This section was pretty narrow.

Our side bags got caught up on one part,
so I had to help ease them through...

It was a super short section, though.

Muddy puddle watercrossing.

Lots of bicycle tracks...

Itís nice knowing thereís no cars coming (we hoped). At least they'll be going slow.
But, watch your head!

Oh, more washout!

I could have sworn we had video from part of this washout road...
Not the narrow first part, but later...

I'd better go look before I pass this section.
Iíve got some other stuff to do today, but Iíll be back later.

here, you can watch the Section 3 video while you wait...

Have some Mameshiba, too...

Hey, I looked that one up - it's true!

I was starting to think those Mameshibas were full of crap...

Sorry, Mameshibas!
OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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