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Eek Scary moment

So, I hit a deer about two weeks ago. Actually, I guess I should say a deer hit me. I was riding a little twisty 2 lane highway and was trying to keep an eye out for them. I had seen a number of them on that stretch, but at the wrong time, was looking out the wrong way. He came at me from the left, and I barely had a moment to realize he was there before he hit me. His antlers hit my left hand/hand guard and some part of his body hit my left leg.

He ran off to the right, apparently not particularly harmed. My hand swelled up pretty well over the course of the evening and my hand guard was totally tweaked and will need to be replaced. But, other than a hit and scary wobble, and a crap ton of adrenaline, it ended well.

I have a friend who swears his deer whistles on his car make a difference and keep them away. I have a Stebel horn on my bike and have used the "train" to scare wildlife away, but it doesn't work for this kind of incident. I'm thinking of installing a deer whistle. Anyone have any opinions about them?
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