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Originally Posted by jphish View Post
I suppose its conceiveable one could 'hole' the oil filter, (with the optional triumph skidplate) but gotta ask: how many folks have had that occur? I have about 10K miles on mine, (about 2500 mi on dirt) and no issues. I carry an extra filter with my tool kit, (they're small) in the event I need to change oil on an extended trip. Perhaps I dont ride the same terrrain as some who use the tiger as a "dirt bike" - but surmise that filter damage, while possible, is an unlikely event for most of us.
I totally agree that the probability of a stone flipping up and punching a hole in my oil filter is slim, very slim. However, I do an awful lot of "looking around corners" trying to prevent or be ready for what may happen. The odds are higher that I may crash or be hit so I wear a Roadcrafter. I've had a few nail punctures of tires over the years so I always have the means to fix, inflate and get back on the road with me as 'just another tool'......

What goes through my imagination, beyond oil starvation/engine seizure, is my being unaware of the event temporarily and then losing it in the oil slick following the puncture.

I'm done.
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