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Originally Posted by Mercury264 View Post
Changed the brake pads on the rear yesterday (so I pushed the piston back in to fit the new pads) and I also fitted new tired front and rear so when I did the front wheel, I did the same with the front brakes to make it easier to get the wheel back on. I also disconnected the battery to take it out and now when the ABS light does not go out when riding

Thoughts ?

Brakes appear to be fine although it appears like the ABS is trying to kick in when I brake and are coming to a stop. I say appears since it could be the new tires I fitted which have a much more aggressive tread pattern so the 'judder' I am feeling may just be the tires.
You should check your ABS sensors - maybe you bumped something loose. I doubt that your ABS needs bleeding - I have changed my front and rear pads and have had no such problem.

Have you noticed that you only get about 5Kmiles from your rear pads? I use my rear brakes quite a lot, but it seems I should be getting better mileage. I found when I put on EBC pads, the rears are wearing much better, but the fronts look like they will only go 5K.

I am trying some sintered pads I bought on Ebay. $18 shipped for a full set (both calipers) of pads.
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