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Originally Posted by SansSand View Post
The BMW comfort shell is great and you still look like a women! Feels funny when you first try it on...but sit on the bike and it all falls into place.
Funny you should mention the Motorrad stuff....

I went by the BMW dealer on Friday, to see if they had any women's Olympia stuff I could try on for size, and I walked out with a Tour Shell jacket.

It's a very expensive impulse purchase for me, but it had something I couldn't walk away from: IT FIT. The shoulders, chest, length, hips, sleeve length & volume were PERFECT. The outer shell is waterproof (check off that requirement); the front zip comes diagonally around your neck and has a little piped placket underneath to keep rain and wind out (almost as good as a placket on the outside, so check off my second requirement); and there are diagonal side vents and back
vents that should move enough air to keep me comfie in reasonable heat (85 or 90?), (hits my third requirement).

I went for a 400 mile ride in it yesterday; it was 45 when we left the house, so I had my Gerbings on underneath (yes, I'm a sissy about the cold) and was fine. It was 36 when we hit the East Mountains, but there was zero wind coming in that front zipper (score!!!!).When it warmed up to the mid-60s I put the Gerbing in the saddlebags and was comfy in just the jacket, a thin fleece, and silk thermal camisole. Still, ZERO wind in the zipper or in the collar. When the sun set, I put the jacket's own thermal liner in and was comfortable in the low-50s temps.

Only drawback is that the back protector is much too tall, and was catching on the back of my helmet and keeping me from raising my head to look up. This morning I trimmed about 1/3" off both the top and bottom with a rotary cutter. I just did a 35-mile ride across town and didn't notice the back protector at all. Also opened up the vents to get a sense of the airflow, and I'm feeling pretty hopeful that they will do fine next summer.

Haven't seen how it handles water yet.

But did I mention that IT FITS!!!!

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