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That's the use to be called the comfort shell! The jacket "skin" Opens up in heat and shuts down in cold. It is super waterproof! I didn't know that when I bought it...but I do now! Yes about the back...I am short and it gives me some issues. After washing it will take a bit to get it all comfy again! Also...use non detergent items to wash...woollite or rain gear hiking wash.
Extreme is still hot... But better than other jackets.
Lastly the cold...not a sissy in my is what i call it! The gerbin dealer told me i should nit need layers with this jacket...but if i do...put my layers over the grebin...he was so right. The heat needs to be against your skin. What works best is silk weight...gerbin...then a fleece if you need it...but you might not. Congrats on you investment!
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