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Originally Posted by KennyT View Post
Sounds like a great trip! I hope to do similar some day. What a great way to see the country...
Is the BV 500 smaller than the Burgman 400 weight wise? I have only seen pics...
I assumed a bigger bike would be easier out on long trips on the highway, but I may be wrong on the weights of the two...
The BV and Scarabeo 500s are smaller and not smaller if that makes sense. They are a bit taller and not as wide which fits me better. Weight distribution is different with the Aprilia/Piaggio scoots having a lower center. I've ridden them both in 40+mph cross winds and found both to be quite stable. i think the BV handles gusts better than the Burgman but that's subjective. Heavier isn't always better and does affect top end as well as acceleration.

The Italian scoots combine many of the characteristics of the smaller traditional style scooters and while bigger than the GTS the BV/Scarabeo ride significantly different at high speeds due to their bigger wheels. Which makes them better for touring than the GTS. They are definitely more nimble than the Burgman and make tight turns easier (IMHO, yours may vary). I found the Burgman to be a bit of a pig at low speeds and I had to acquire a knack to move it around the garage. Something my husband never did which is another reason we traded it in. The Burgman was supposed to be his but I ended up riding it more than he did.

I've ridden both the Burgman and the Scarabeo (same engine and frame, different suspension, seat and cosmetics from its cousin the BV) with my brothers on their BMWs. Had no trouble keeping up with them in the twisties though going up a grade on a straight freeway they could leave me behind but that probably isn't surprising.

For me I'll take touring on either the Scarabeo or the BV over a Burgman any day of the week. Of the two I prefer the Scarabeo, its suspension is better, probably coming from the Aprilia bikes and the seat is more comfortable (not sure where that comes from though.)
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