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Just another unsatisfied customer........

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link to the trip and worth reading and with great pics!!!!!!

Final thoughts – Mexico
I entered Mexico with an open mind, and knowing very little Spanish. I was truly amazed with the awesome beauty, and kind nature of the Mexican people. The people of Mexico have their own rich history and diverse culture, which is very intoxicating. Mexico exceeded my expectations with the kindness and giving nature of its people. Every time I need assistance there was always someone there to help, I will never forget Mexico. Mexico is very similar the US in many ways, they are also caught up in consumerism. They love Levis, Coca Cola, and going out to dinner with their families. As far as being a black man in Mexico, I got a lot of looks from people ages 8 to 80. It was like I was from Mars, nothing offensive, but just more curiosity. I was probably the first black man they have ever seen in real life. I kind of enjoyed being the odd man, but I would always look them in the eye and say hola and smile…that would really catch them off guard. My motto was to kill them with kindness…and it worked every time. I truly recommend Mexico for everyone, it is a great country.
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