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Lets see, there is always more.

Our old party house....ahum school!Yeah we would have schooled you allright in there.

Now looks like this inside, the old bar,came from the local church that bar....

Of course, that was before the twist-off caps so we had to customize it.

Original furniture from the teacher's apartment, "Not for sale" we have a very good idea how much them are worth. Could buy someone a very nice used bike that old Quebec furniture.Maybe a little resto project for me someday to bring back to the original blue and greens, already looked.

Up the attic anyone....lots of stuff up there, I ain't showing.

Close the door....!

And have a drink with the BFI brother-in law!He is big them old school walls are high....!

A couple drinks and....bathroom floor hasn't changed much, just as I remember from 30 years ago when it was school, ahum house. If walls could talk....but not sure I'd want that floor to talk.

^^^^ The chamber pot well, some may have noticed, that's a family heirloom....we like old crap!
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