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Clutch slip

I had a problem with my clutch slipping yesterday which sort of ties in with the gearing conversation. Bike is 15 months old with 14000 klm on it and a bit early to be having clutch problems I thought. We were pushing through an overgrown track I hadn't been on in about 15 years and it was a bit steeper than I remembered. So it was 1st gear moving slowly with a bit of push and shove and a lot of clutch work.The engine never overheated only going 1 bar hotter than normal running temp , I made sure I kept an eye on it. I noticed the lever engaging further out before getting drive and when back out on the road in high gears would rev but not increase speed at the same rate. It was ok if you were gentle on the throttle and rode home no problems. This morning I removed the clutch plates for inspection and found the friction plates still looked perfect but the steels were discoloured slightly black. I shuffled the plates , repacked them and gave the bike an oil change. I've only taken it for a 10 min test ride but there's no slipping and it seems to be back to normal again. What I'm wondering though is what happens if you're out past the black stump somewhere stuck in a mud hole or something and really abuse the clutch . I've treated enduro bikes a lot worse and never had clutch problems. Maybe what's basicly a road bike engine/clutch/gearing isn't up to this treatment . Anyone else had poblems? Still love the bike though, this is my first problem with it and appears to have been solved easily. ....Ian
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