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haha, Hi ROAD DAMAGE...
You had fun with that...

Glad you're still reading...

Thanks, TwilightZone!
I knew one of you guys would identify that bird

Day 44: 8/4/12 continued
Lake Chelan to Wenatchee Forest (wilson creek) 134 miles.

OK. I found some video, but it was super short and hideously boring.
You get screen shots instead...

Woo! A log in the road.
Aww, this reminded us of BC...

Gate on the other end...

Well, that was fun.

This lookout was really nice.
We even stopped to admire the view a bit.

Baby ruts.

The light was crap when we rode through here. It was too bad, because it was pretty.

Lion Rock was to the right. ---------->

We could easily have kept going (it was only 6:15),
but it was still warm and we wanted to camp at elevation.
We always tried to camp in the forest if we could.
Nicer, quieter, and cooler...

We hadn’t seen any signs for campgrounds,
so Matt had Norm look for water...
That little plastic box kicked butt!
Tweaker or not, he found us a great spot.

Wilson Creek.
There were some horse people (and horses) in a campsite over on this side...

Luckily, there was clean access on the other side of the road.
At first we were just going to pump water (upstream) and keep looking for a site...

But the river was so inviting. A bath started to sound good...

Then Matt found a great spot up in the trees.
It was nice and private. I guess we can just make camp anywhere, right?

Oh hai, we’re in our
bathing suits!

Holy crap, that water was cold!
Still felt good to be clean.

Flowers for Ladybug...

Thai sweet chili noodles and a can of chicken for dinner...


Over dinner, we talked about how we thought we were supposed to have gone to Wenatchee today.
Didn't people on the WABDR go to Wenatchee?

So, now that we're home and I'm looking around online...
I guess they only do that when they detour around the washout.
Or, if they have a map.

Because, look -
That red thing is Lion Rock. We were camping Southeast of Lion Rock...

We weren't even close to Wenatchee today.
No Discovery Pass for us...

I have tire pics again...

Tall trees.

Looks like we had a clean and sober Norm

He must be bucking for a promotion...

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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