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Rear Tire Sealing Failure

Checked my XC's tire pressure today. Front tire down 1 pound, rear tire....0 PSI. Sealed my rear rim 150 miles ago, a few short runs followed by a 105 mile off road adventure ride last weekend. Used the Seal All x2 / Goop x1 individual spoke sealing method detailed somewhere here earlier. Pulled the wheel, checked with soapy water, leaking from two spoke holes. Dismounted the tire, visible adhesion failures on three spokes, the third one just hadn't leaked yet. Reinstalled the rim band and the tube. Retry again maybe later this winter, but I did prep the rim thoroughly with alcohol. Oh well.

If anyone made a tubeless rim and spoke kit that I could lace to my stock XC hubs for maybe $250 (per wheel) I'd be interested. I've only seen complete wheels, for big bucks(2 to 3 grand). Have I missed anything? Ken
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