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"Rally List"...

Pretty much the same question was aked here 12 months or more, here is a "list" (the thread then digressed/went on to explain all the reasons why the OP couldn't get to any of the events he was "interested" in... but not much more info. on rally events themselves)

Anyway here is that "list".

I also recall (another) thread on/about the same topic... that had a pretty comprehensive list... with links/website addresses to a great number of rally events on the calender (both FIM/CCR, and many non FIM/amatuer events)... but I am damned if I can find it in the morass of "rally" here in the RACING forum.

Anyway, regards finding info. for you own needs... it may be a little more laborious, but if you type in "rally" in the search function window of the RACING FORUM (upper right hand corner of screen) you will get approx. 400 hits (several pages) of threads about (most) rallies that have occured around the globe for the last three/four years an most of them contain information - even direct links to the organisation website.

If I do happen to find that "rally list/link" thread, (or anyone else knows where it is) please post it here.
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