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Originally Posted by Kommando View Post
No kidding. The DR-Zs at the dealer are calling to me now that a wide-ratio gearset is available for them. Suzuki has been running a special for 0% APR on several models too...the bastards.

Make no mistake, the 250s can be a lot of fun. A little XT225 or a TW200 feels like a mtn bike in rocks, compared to a big DR. I'd hook up with some local riders and swap bikes around a bit. I'd also try some different configurations with your DR...lower the suspension, shave the seat, try some aggressive knobbies, spring the bike for your weight, raise the bars, lower the pegs, etc. With good tires on my DR, the biggest thing I notice myself having an issue with on rough ground is the height of the weight. I can hold the bike up, and even pick it up without issue...if I can just get my feet down solidly. If I can't get a foot down solidly before it's leaned way over though, it's hard to hold it up and maneuver out of trouble. I'm getting a lower seat sometime soon. I have the same issue with a 300lb WR250R or KLX250, unless it's lowered. On even ground, all of them are easy enough to handle. I just slide off to one side.

Are you planning on riding out west alone? A buddy, or several, could really add to the trip, and relieve a lot of the concern of getting bucked off a heavy bike somewhere remote. A SPOT would be good too.
From reading the threads in my area, most of the guys around here either have Beemers, DRs, or KTMs. I am not going anywhere near a KTM. I dont want to know how awesome it is
Im about 5' 11" (6' in mx boots), but im more torso than leg- 31" inseam (32" in mx boots). 165lbs. I can hold the bike up and pick it up without issue. I have very strong legs, but my upper body is currently a work in progress (pretty thin, so been hitting the gym). On the plus side, coming from streetbikes the DR is the lightest bike ive ever ridden- it feels like a mountain bike compared to my Bandit. Throwing a set of D606s on it in a few days, and ive already removed about 15 pounds of weight from the bike. I will be experimenting with everything you mentioned save lowering the pegs.

Yeah, rollin solo. I keep trying to get my friend up in Mass. to give it a thought since weve ridden streetbikes a while, but hes pretty strapped $ wise. I too am reaching this point- i need to save for the trip, and buying an IMS tank, sargeant seat, suspension and pumper carb kind of commits me on the DR for the trip. So, im kind of stuck with a 3/4 farkled bike (got the handgaurds, rack, skidplate, covers, nsu done, etc etc) that I can either finish now and use on the trip, or hold off on and farkle a WR for the trip. Then, Id use the DR for South America later

Im bringing a PLB and possibly a satellite phone, though I do want to keep some adventure in the mix. Ill also likely hook up with local riders via this forum from time to time- colorado especially if I can manage it.

I dont want it to seem like Im intending to be looking for trials type single track everywhere- I like the wide open desert, I like the dirt paths that are flat and wide open snaking through the mountains, and I even like a good 50 mile stretch of pavement where I can put more attention on whats around me instead of constantly scanning terrain for wash outs, ruts, soft sand, etc. I like it all. I think if I had more experience, the DR would be perfect for me which is why I plan to keep it.
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