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Originally Posted by SnoDrtRider View Post
Cripes! I'm 55 years old... if I point my hips in the direction I'm going the only place I'm going is the hospital! Next weekend is the Grenogue, De meet I'll try not to hurt myself there... I'll do a lot of observing of the other riders.
I can tell you are needing to work up and get muscles, if that means anything, from your movie. your 1st 2 turns, looked ok, then I saw and see that Lineaway already pointed it out to you.

I want to re conclude that your Butt being shoved out there instead of you flexing your knees out there more like the TTC video, will hurt you litterally and 'trials score' wise, if for NOT ANY OTHER REASON, you will bang you knees into the tank, and it takes longer than you think to move your ass from left turn position to right turn. In trials we test you on that ability without even working on a section, if you know what I mean. Tt just "is" what you better be able to do ASAP.

I took my newby out this weekend, he's owned the bike less than 3 weeks now, part of that was waiting for us, rebuilding the clutch (changed the belville srping to the lighter 06 and up version.

Anyway, he found out that I was NOT kidding, that Trials is about the ability to turn, you will turn both ways sometimes more than once, in a distance less than 6ft, in fact his one "hard" thing the first loop was, a section where he had to weave around 4 trees just "starting into" the section.

Get ahold of that video we've argued about on TTC, watch it, then try to make yourself think you are doing it that way, when you think you are, you won't be... you might feel like you are, but you wont be... (at least as a beginner) but you will be headed in the right direction.

In other words, "your ass doesn't go there" lol. your knees need to and your weight should, but your ass doesnt hang out there like that. Now I only took time to watch 2 minutes or less, right now I can check later.
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