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Originally Posted by wedgeman View Post
Yup. The whole thing is dirtier than week old boxers

It started out as a witch hunt and went downhill from there. I think he deserves to keep the medals. When he said he was tired of fighting it I think he realized that it didn't matter what he did - they would still assume him guilty.

The fact is that none of his samples ever showed positive. Ever. I presume they were kept and have been tested again? If not then the agency is negligent and should not contest it. If they did retest it why continue this?

It's all mute. Now the French can go back to claiming they can ride a bike better than anybody. Reality be damned.

Read the report. Sobering. The positives were covered up and lied about. People were threatened and bribed. It aint just about the doping, but about all the lies, coverups and bullying.

Lessee, Betsy Andreu was threatened, said she should have a baseball bat smashed over her head for outing Lance. Greg Lemond was forced to apologize for publicly stating dismay that Lance was working with Dr. Ferrari. Trek then drops Lemond bikes, costing Greg 35 million. A rider is offered 300,000 by Lance to say Greg doped, rider wouldn't do it.

Three lines there, and there's more. Where theres smoke, there's fire.
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