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Originally Posted by motojunky View Post
Wayne - don't let the turning critique make you think that you aren't ready for this weekend. Every trials rider starts out done it wrong to some degree. 99% of trials riders are still doing stuff wrong - no matter how long they've been doing it. It can take a long time to make "the right way" be natural - perfectly normal. At least that's what they tell me - I still have to remind myself all the time to bend my legs and get my knees out.

The 4 line (beginner) sections this weekend will take points from you, but you shouldn't feel in any danger. Watching your video, it looks like you'll be quite comfortable on that line. You'll see small climbs, mildly rocky and muddy stream beds (rocks=traction), slick turns and a couple of small (ride right over sized) logs. And turns, in each of those situations. That's where the points will come...
Yes thanks Moto Junky, I didnt mean to imply he cant try, I just answered the query about his video, even though i didnt get to watch it all...

Give em hell, Wayne
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