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Originally Posted by planemanx15
I'm not sure what your talking about, so i assume I have to older vapor. It came with 1 probe for the spark plug, which I bored out a little and use for the top oil bolt. I usually get around 180*F on the highway in the summer, with around town highs in the 220*F range.
I was wondering if a newer version of the Vapor came with two probes; one for the spark plug and one for the oil cooler. You answered my question. Since you only see 180 F oil temps during the Summer, try to block off the cooler to get temps closer to 180. It may not be easy since daily ambient temps tend to be widely variable at this time of year.

I'm kind of chasing a similar issue with my VTR250; the engine is so small and radiator rather efficient so that I see very low water temps in the Spring and Fall. I'm trying to come up with some sort of sliding shield so I can block off varying sections of the rad to maintain better temps.

Originally Posted by Adv Grifter
You're correct. I was thinking of the steel brace piece that sits between upper and lower T clamps. Have you seen that piece? Also steel turn signal mounts are there and of course the steel front sub frame bit that holds headlight and shroud.

As mentioned, the problem is neatly stowing the wiring
so no abrading takes place down the road.

The stock Alu upper triple is maybe a bit heavier/larger due to housing ignition switch and other extras there. A racing clamp would have none of that, probably lighter and stronger too?
It's stamped steel is it not? Are those support pieces that heavy? I'm going to guess that any other metal may not handle the vibrations as well (stress fracture). I suppose you could weld a section of .75" square tube to the head bearing tube so you could bolt a structure to that. Then, you could remove all of the stuff that's attached to the forks/triples.
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