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Originally Posted by sherco View Post
Through Amazon I bought Sargent low seat for the GS from a place called Powersport Superstore in Austin Tx. It arrived on time and in good shape, packed in a cardboard shipping box with styrofoam peanuts. After checking the seat about 50 times and getting three other opinions I decided that it wasn't any lower than my stock seat ( this thread is not about low Sargent seats).

I called the seller and got the OK to return and received their email that stated "PLEASE INCLUDE THE AMAZON ORDER NUMBER ON THE PACKAGE: THIS WILL ACT AS YOUR RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER"

I packed the seat all nice and neat in the shipping box it came in, used a Sharpie to put the number on the outside of the package, paid return shipping ($26), and chalked it up to experience. I then get an email notification of an $82 re-stocking charge !!! All the web info says clearly that there is NOT a re-stock fee.
Originally Posted by PSSS Guy View Post
Hello ADV riders,

My name is Jason and I am the manager at Powersport Superstore and responded with the above email.

To add to that and address some of the other statements, we do have a store front and because of the condition of the manufacturer packaging, I have simply set this unit up on display in the store front at a discounted price. Sure, that restocking fee is also instated to reduce costs on us as the company, it is primarily there to cover the loss for now having to sell it as a used item. In any event, we do not charge a restocking fee on orders that are returned in the original condition. So this statement "The real reason for restocking fees is the credit card fees. I'm in the business. The dealer or amazon takes a hit when you pay by card, which you obviously do have to through amazon. when the card is refunded, not all the fees are, especially the transaction fee and there is also a fee on a credit. Plus all the labor etc to get the box out the door." is not valid.
just read this thread... how did this ended up????

briefly scanned responses, but didn't see what's got to be the most important factor.

" Did the seat come in exactly as described?"

if seat is indeed a brand new Sargent seat, low version and received in excellent condition. then seat belongs to buyer with no fault to seller.

if seat came in wrong, IE standard height. then seat belongs to seller and should pay for shipping back with no re-stocking charges. unless terms of sale specifically states otherwise.
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