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Originally Posted by KSJEEPER View Post
Yup, back in the Corps days we were shooting at steel pop up targets pretty far downrange (over 300 yards if I recall) with 240g. Lots of guys shooting, lots of rounds going downrange in bursts. Buddy standing behind me felt a bit of a punch (very little) in his flak jacket and sure enough at his feet was a mangled round.

Pretty unlikely event, but if you fire enough rounds down there, strange stuff can happen. Our assumption was that a round hit just right as target was re-setting, and did a rainbow arc back towards us. Could have been a round from anyone on the line.

But of course, he tells the story about when "I shot him with the 240"... I reply by reminding him of the time he turned his ankle and fell out of a gear retention hump in which I carried my pack, with his pack on top of my head for the last 5 miles.
It was mostly the copper jacket that came back to me.

I kept it for years. Wonder where it finally wandered off to.
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