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Originally Posted by LittleWan View Post

While we were on these switchbacks, we stopped to have a waterbreak.
It was another hot day and there arenít many trees or shady spots.
We hadnít seen any traffic, so we stopped in some shade, even though we blocked the road slightly.

So, of course right after we got comfy, we could hear a car coming.
We werenít the only ones who were surprised - all of a sudden we heard something crashing through the brush.
It looked like a polar bear or a white gorilla was running down the mountain!

Unfortunately, we had to move the bike for the oncoming pickup, so I didnít get to take any photos til it was really far away...
We're looking at the pink circle...

Bigfoot type photo... <---(you don't have to watch the whole thing, it gets pretty out there...)
but, here it is zoomed in. Mountain goat, I assume.
Huge one.

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