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Years ago, I was riding my old RM400 near my house near Monterey. Some guys on horseback started yelling at us from across a field, so naturally, we just flipped them off. Mind your own business, I'll mind mine. Well we are putting around, staying as far away as we could, when one of them decides he's going to go all cowboy on us, and comes over and starts talking shit, so we hop on our bikes, and are riding along this fence line, when apparently, he decides he's going to head us off at the end of the fence, and starts galloping across this field towards the end of the fence. and tries to block the jeep road we were on. Very hostile-like. Well, an old RM400, will do 50 mph wheelies, and a horse will get the fuck out of the way, whether the rider likes it or not. I have no idea what he was trying to do. I just know that when someone comes at me all hostile, I will not stop. You come over calmly, I'll stop and talk to you.

And yes, it was a regular riding area, back then, things were pretty wide open (late 70s, early 80s). I think it was National Forest land, do what you want, don't start any fires.
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