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Last April we (group of 5) were riding in the mt area in Gila Nat Forest. Been here a few times but my guys had not.

During a rest stop, we started to hear some high pitch sounds & then a few dogs moving cattle. There was a lady w/ nearly a dozen dogs moving cattle. I had my guys sit down on the ground & grab their cameras. The cattle were near wild & the dogs were totally ignoring us. They passed about 25 yds from us, all being still like little deer.

I don't chase cattle, horses or sheep. But have seen some of the dumbs videos posted. These critters usually out weigh deer by a long shot. But having a person on the back of a horse is another problem. We are the ones in control here.

That helmets off thing is huge in making eye contact w/ riders & not spooking the horses. Whatever it takes to get seperated is the best way. Fences only add to the problem. Barb wire is rough on man & beast.

May sound strange but my uncle had horses that got uneasy when someone w/o a western style cover approached them.
One stupid horse seems to infect the others.........sometimes humans follow that same lack of thinking.
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