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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
Maybe for this one local race, but in general, I don't think they would prefer to be climbing on an airplane to fly all over the world 20-odd weekends a year. And remotely calling events is done routinely in all kinds of sports.

- Mark
At one of the Indy F1 races we stayed at the Speedway B&B (Great place if you can get in, by the way). One of the guys staying there was an Italian that worked with the teams to check the souvenirs being sold outside the races. He had done it a couple of years and traveled to most of the races. He was a young very good looking guy (according to my wife) and loved the travel and the women. He said he had maybe three more years of the travel before he would give it up though. Can think of a lot worse jobs to have as a young person, but it would really suck with a family.
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