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I had 3 bikes so far and I have paid 900 EUR for all of them... combined

Kawasaki KZ400 four (250 EUR)

It was my first to ride on and first to learn how to fix and hack. Got it non running, connected a few wires together and squeezed 10000km out of it before it was to expensive to fix it.

That leads us to #2
Suzuki GS850 (200 EUR)

When I got it, it was in the original metallic blue. Put in the old battery from the KZ and rode it another year. It had a little drinking problem (1l of oil per 500km). Did one big trip on it, but mostly I used it as a commuter bike in Amsterdam, with fucked up starter motor and no kick starter. I sweated out every penny I saved on the deal push starting this 270kg bitch. I dropped it as a spare bike for 150 EUR when moving out of the Lowlands.

Current project #3
Honda FT500 (450 EUR)

It's my commuter/scrambler/touring bike. Something like 50-60 years ago, when there were no dirt bikes, no super bikes, no adventure bikes, there were just bikes that could do all of it.
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Honda FT500 scrambler build thread
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