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Originally Posted by Bubwheat View Post
There is no excuse or that kind of tiraid in college sports. That being said, I can understand his frustration, if in fact, the other teams QB faked an injury to set up the next play. It does happen, and in fact happened today in the Steelers game, No. 88 faked a leg cramp, next play he was back out on the field and was the first guy down on punt coverage. His cramps must not work like mine do.

I've see college games where a team is moving the ball like heck with the hurry up and gosh, some player falls down with a cramp!

I think something like making a player sit out the rest of the series, and not just one play, would cure a lot of cramps before they happen.
Looks like he was suspended and fined....seems appropriate response. He'll probably end up getting fired for being a lousy coach anyway.

Wyoming Coach Suspended

How do they know that they were fake injuries? the rule says that if play has to stop for an injury, that player has to sit out for at least the next play. That seems reasonable to me. Ever had your bell rung* or wind knocked out. Even a cramp can be stretched out in a minute or 2 sometimes. No doubt that gamesmanship happen...but so do minor injuries. No reason to keep a key player out longer than necessary.

* Of course the as we learn more about the risk of concussions we will likely drastically change the game over the next few decades.
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