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Originally Posted by AntiHero View Post
Final wrenching on the bike in Dr. J's driveway prior to leaving NY:

A midnight stroll past Satan's Bed and Breakfast:

Last night in the harbor:

Where I hibernate:

Leaving in the morning:

Mr Antihero, Sir... I've avoided lavishing even more praise upon ye for your damn good writing, as it seems just when I think your story crafting cannot get any better, it does; now... you come out with some seriously beautiful photography? These photos are so beautiful I want to lick them!

Is there any communicative art form you are NOT damn good at!?

Seriously, I can see how much painstaking hard work has gone into your posts to make them look and seem so effortlessly smooth, so hat's off to you mate on work very well done. But this photography... very, very nice.
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