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Originally Posted by speedracertdi View Post
And labor unions wonder why modern educated people call them dinosaurs.

Harley died in 2003. Almost everything is outsourced to the lowest vendor these days. I had problems with a $1000 Harley chrome wheel. The chrome started bubbling off in less than a year. Harley said F-U, only covered for 90 days! Now the rest of the chrome on my garaged 2003 is starting to bubble. I'm probably going to have to spend upwards of $2000 to get stuff re-chromed.

I would take that bike back and demand my money back. Hire an attorney if necessary or stand outside the dealership with the lemon in question and a sign on your back and chest. Kill their sales till they make it right!
It's one thing to pay all the money for the finer things in life, it's quite another to pay all the money and get something that looks like, but really isn't. The MoCo isn't the only one either.
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