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Thanks for the info on the fan. Sounds like it will fit the bill. Now I just need more bills to get it to fit...

I love the idea you had for the maps. Really gives it that adventure feel! What are your plans for the sides and roof area? I pulled out my entire headliner and am thinking of leaving it out and figuring something different for it. Was yours a full length one?
We're going to be doing the ceiling, the side walls, and the bed platform all in interweave fabric (like the outside vans images I posted a few pages back when we ran into the couple in Crested Butte.

"was yours a full length one?"

Not sure what you are referring to.. the van? It's a 144.. not the long one?

...or are you referring to the headliner? Our headliner ends at the back of the cockpit.
We still need to pull ours out and sound insulate above it.. I'll probably wrap it in matching interweave as the rest.

Hyperboarder: until now we've been using an inflatable queen size bed. Works really well. The wood itself I plan on covering with 1/8" foam and then the interweave just to give it an "interior wall" feeling.
Our long term goal is to go to an upholstery shop and have custom cushions made that make two sofas and backs.. and then all folds down flat and flush to make a bed.

Ian: thanks! I keep making pieces look good while ignoring the bigger picture... sooner or later all the pieces will add up (I hope )

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