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Originally Posted by Geek View Post
We're going to be doing the ceiling, the side walls, and the bed platform all in interweave fabric (like the outside vans images I posted a few pages back when we ran into the couple in Crested Butte.

"was yours a full length one?"

Not sure what you are referring to.. the van? It's a 144.. not the long one?

...or are you referring to the headliner? Our headliner ends at the back of the cockpit.
We still need to pull ours out and sound insulate above it.. I'll probably wrap it in matching interweave as the rest.

I was referring to the headliner. I had the full length and had to pull the whole bastard out to get at the back so I could mount those panels well. I'm curious about what they look like from the factory if they only have the front headliner. What I mean is how does it transition to no headliner? I am thinking of putting the front back in and doing something else w/ the rear. is offline   Reply With Quote