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Originally Posted by Bugz View Post
I think you're looking wrong at the graph. The right lines show the shift points, the left lines (which all have the same colours as the right ones)) show where you will get after you shifted up.

Imagine pinning the bike in second (yellow line) thus around 9800 rpm, the rpm will drop to 7300iesh

Im only not sure about the 1st gear. Seems like a really big RPM drop to me.

Doh! I get it now, thanks!! I haven't found any advantage to wringing it to redline in 1st, it's takes so long to get there that it seems better to shift by 8500 in all gears. The stopwatch might say otherwise, but I get impatient waiting for redline and just shift it.

Originally Posted by Treadless View Post

I've heard reports of chain life of 25k and more. I personally haven't put that kind of mileage on my chained bikes but I do like the lack of mess with the product.

Not that one specifically, but various other anti-fling delayed viscosity wax chain lubes. I tried a dry moly by Zep for awhile, but it seemed to get drier over time.

I've never heard of a 25k 520 chain, 530 yes, 520 no.
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