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Originally Posted by kellymac530 View Post
BTW ther are a few fender options that might help with venting for the oil cooler but may still help keep at least some mud off of it
Ya know, this brings up a point I've been thinking about. The original oil cooler location has it's obvious disadvantages, especially if you plan to ditch the bars. But the relocation to behind the fender does seem just as dumb for the opposite reasons. One gets airflow but is in a dangerous place, the other gets no airflow but is protected. What's the point in relocating the oil cooler if it doesn't do anything, a finned oil pan would be much better and much less complicated. Hell, quite a few riders don't even use an oil cooler, and I for one was thinking of going this route, not least of which for weight savings. But why does no one ever put the oil cooler vertically on the frame tube? That way it's to the side of the fender, gets plenty of airflow without having the motor behind it, and won't get crushed on a fall over.
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