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Givi Luggage, Keys, Lock Barrels, and Hot Babes

I have a Trekker 33, Trekker 46, and an E55 (I am considering getting a Trekker 52 to replace the E55). I would like to replace the lock barrels so all boxes are keyed the same. The problem the Trekker 46 has a new style lock and the other two boxes use the old style. All cases were purchases in the past year.

The old 3 lock replacement kit is Givi part number Z228 ($30). The new style lock is part number SL 103 (but not available in the USA). The new locks are longer and use a more secure key. The two are not interchangeable without an adapter.

I have been told that I can buy the new style lock and use it on an older one by adding part Z640R. This is essentially an adapter that will allow you to mount the longer, newer lock into the old style case. The only problem with this is that SL-103 sets are not available in the USA.

I have also been told the older style lock set will work on any of the cases by some sales reps, but others have told me they will not work with or without an adapter.

Ideally, using the lock barrels that came with my XC would be the way to go and my motorcycle key would then fit the luggage. But the Triumph barrel is too long. I wonder if the Givi adapter for their longer barrels (part number Z650R) could be used to mount the Triumph lock barrels.

Has anyone out there had luggage with different GIVI lock styles and how did you resolve it?

Also, has anyone by chance tested part Z650R with the Triumph lock barrels or attempted to mount the triumph barrels in the givi luggage using another workaround?


PS: Hot Babes dig matching lock sets so they can easily find their stuff.
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