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disgusted by this entire process. USADA should be canned for wasting out tax dollars. WTF did this entire process accomplish?

the entire process was scripted. what are the chances of ALL riders that testified stopping drugs all at same time. sure would like to know what tactics was used in squeezing out confessions out of all riders.

imagine being in their shoes of facing jail time threats from US district attorney vs agreeing to a confession with little to no penalties. you can bet your ass, those confessions/deals didn't come without credible threats.

this abuse of power reminds me of how America has more folks locked up for pot than anywhere on earth. USADA has to justify the 10 million dollars they receive from tax payers each year. just like the DEA has to justify all the millions spend on war on drugs by locking up folks for pot.

I'm beyond caring if Lance doped or not. Not much disputing Lance has done way more good and bad. for all I know he stayed clean while rest of teammates doped to keep up.

what is 100% for sure ... USADA has zero concrete evidence of doping. it's 100% based on testimony. which regardless of how may millions $$ USDA spent to build up. it's still testimony without any hard evidence.

soon as I dig out my old Livestrong rubber bracelet. will be wearing it to show support.
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